Bindi Naanburger

Maybe there's a day, not many, that you don't feel like a curry but you still want to come and see us in Bindi......... 

Well we have an alternative for you.  We have a created a special burger just for you.

Our Indian bread is vegan

In Bindi we have a great selection of breads.  Some of our plates come specifically with its special bread.

We have a variety of naan such as; Plain naan, Peshwari naan (sweet naan), garlic naan, we also have cheese naan for those of you who are not vegans.

Bindi Chai

During our recent trip to India, which you will be hearing a lot about in the near future, we rediscovered chai the national drink of India. 

It is served on every street corner, on the trains by young men jumping onto the trains, whilst it's moving, carrying metal canisters full of hot, sweet, spicy chai for 10 rupees which is equivalent to 0.15€.

They don't drink mugs of tea like they do in England or in large tea cups as they do in Europe, in India chai is served in little cortado cups enjoyed with food or just as a drink.

Bindi Bread

In Bindi we pride ourselves with our variety of breads we have on offer.

Our thalis at lunchtime consists of puris which are made from wholemeal flour and deep fried.  They are light and fluffy and a delicious accompaniment to the 3 cuuries.

San Valentin

Calling out to all the lovers out there on this fantastic Island.......

Sunday 14th February is the day.....
Now, if I was to be perfectly honest it's just another day, but it's a day when you are supposed to be more romantic than normal.  For me I think romance should be alive the whole year round.  Anyway it's a good excuse to book a table at Bindi just to remind your loved one how much you care and let us pamper you both with our delicious cocktails, wine and of course our food.
Last year we surprised everyone with our raspberry martinis with a choclate kiss, come and see what we have for you this year

For reservations call 871 968320