Coconut Oil

Bindi dishes are made using coconut oil as it has always been done in India.  Coconut oil has many benficial properties not only when consumed but always used externally.

Coconut oil helps increase metabolic rate and so enabling weight loss, strange I know as its a fat.

Take Away

So the days arre getting shorter and the nights longer.  Just come in from work and really lthe last thing you feel like doing is slaving over a hot stove, so we have a solution.....Call 871968320 and we at Bindi will tell you the specials for the evening or if that's not what you fancied we can make whatever you like as long as we have the ingredients.

Spicy Gin Tonic

The perfect aperitif to start the evening........ Bindi's spicy gin tonic.

Made with Jhodphur Gin, Scweppes tonic lime juice and a hot red chilli...... Its the perfect combination of a fresh gin tonic with touch of spice.

We look forward to making one for you soon.

Chia Seeds

If you've been to Bindi you've inevitably tried our wonderful lassis.....

These are yoghurt drinks made with fresh fruit such as mangoes, strawberries or banana....our lassis have a touch of difference, to this we add the superfood chia to contribute to your healthy diet.