Indian Food

  • A tandoor

    The tandoor is a clay oven and volcanic rocks are heated to generate the heat, it is used to cook meats such as chicken, lamb and beef  also for fish and prawns and the Indian cheese Paneer. It is also used to cook breads such as naan bread.

  • Know our Thali


    Thali is the name of the actual plate that is used to serve lunches.  Thali is a stainless steel plate onwhich are placed small bowls, each bowl contains different types of curries, a raita which is a yoghurt with vegetables, a portion of rice, a type of bread such as puri or roti, a starter and a dessert.
    Thalis are served all around India and each region has it's own speciality.  For example; Gujarti thali, Nepalese Thali, Maharashtran Thali etc.....